Bicycles trade services - Enterprise ABC GRUPA offers for its clients to purchase new and used bicycles, as well as bicycle scooters. We offer wide range of bicycles and bicycle scooters for all tastes and situations, for example, children, youth, mountain, sport, city etc. bicycles, as well as spare parts and accessories of any type. 
   All component parts of the bicycles are manufactured out of high quality materials.  The bicycles are equipped with modern brake systems that ensure fast and safe braking. Wheel discs are manufactured out of aluminum, with qualitative bearings that ensure light riding. 

   Currently there is a wide range of bicycles available for our clients in the storehouse, and they are as follows:

   Children and youth bicycles:

          ⇒   12-inch tires with training wheels on the back of bicycle; 
          ⇒   16-inch tires with training wheels on the back of bicycle and without;
          ⇒   20-inch tires, 18 speeds, hand brakes;
          ⇒   24-inch tires, 21 speeds, hand brakes.

   Mountain bicycles:

          ⇒   26-inch tires;
          ⇒   28-inch tires.

   City and beach cruiser bicycles:

          ⇒   26-inch tires;
          ⇒   28-inch tires.


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